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Dr. David Keffer (Gaseous Diffusion and Electrolyte Diffusion Project)

This page you are currently at is the supplementary ChE 310 website. It contains
  • Handout: Writing Guidelines for ChE 310 & 410
  • Handout: Plot Formatting Guidelines for Research Reports
  • Handouts and MATLAB subroutines for Dr. Keffer's Efflux from a Tank experiment
  • Handouts for Dr. Keffer's Gaseous Diffusion & Electrolyte Diffusion experiments

Information Applicable to All Experiments

"Writing Guidelines for ChE 310 & 410"
by Dr. Fred E. Weber & Dr. Duane D. Bruns

"Plot Formatting Guidelines for Research Reports"
by Dr. David Keffer

Gaseous Diffusion and Electrolyte Diffusion Experiment
Professor in Charge:  Dr. David Keffer

Gaseous Diffusion Lab Manual
Gaseous Diffusion Addendum

Electrolyte Diffusion Lab Manual
Electrolyte Diffusion Addendum
Experimental data needed for comparison: Fell, C. J. D. & Hutchison, H. P., "Diffusion Coefficients for Sodium and Potassium Chlorides in Water at Elevated Temperatures", Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 16(4) 1971 pp. 427-429.

Efflux from a Tank Experiment
Professor in Charge:  Dr. David Keffer

Efflux from a Tank Experimental Description

Efflux from a Tank Prelab requirements

Efflux from a Tank-MATLAB routines

Tips for solving non-linear ODEs

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