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A Graphical User Interface for Numerical Integration of Functions and Data

The code, integrate_gui.m, presents a user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) to numerically integrate functions and data. It is extremely simple to use and is self-explanatory once the files are downloaded.

Installation instructions:

  1. Create a directory in your personal disk space called, for example, integrate_gui
  2. Download the file to that directory
  3. Use WinZIP to extract the MATLAB files from the zipped file into the directory

Operation instructions:

  1. Open MATLAB
  2. Change directories to the directory where you extracted the files, by typing at the command line prompt
    cd z:\my_directory\integrate_gui
  3. At the MATLAB command line prompt, type integrate_gui
  4. The rest is self-explanatory

Other notes:

  1. This file is zipped with WinZip.
  2. This code was created by Dr. David Keffer and Danny Mock at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. It was last updated on October 30, 2000.

Download: Download integrate_gui.m

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