Keffer Research Group

Chemical Engineering Graduate Students at the Rifle Range
Norris, Tennessee
May 5, 2002

First year graduate student, Austin Newman, joined us for the first time at the Norris Rifle Range.


Austin brought with him a friend named Eric...


...who happened to bring a few handguns along.


Parag got to shoot a .45, a HK USP45 Tactical Model to be more precise.


Dr. Keffer tried the 9mm Beretta.


Eric tried Dr. Keffer's .22 Ruger.


Austin also shot a .45 with a .22 conversion slide on it. (It keeps the cost of ammunition much lower.)


As much fun as all the handguns were, the most fun was still popping spent shotgun shells off the top of a wall at 75 yards. Parag and Dr. Keffer have gotten pretty good at that.


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