University of Tennessee
Department of Chemical Engineering

UTK Chemical Engineering Students at the Southern Regional AIChE Meeting
Mississippi State in Starkville, Mississippi, March 2006

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville was represented by 13 students at the 2006 Southern Regional AIChE Meeting hosted by Mississippi. (from left to right: Luke Stewart, Jessica Hunt, Travis Reynolds, Amanda Cornwell, Will Cosey, Hannah, Bailey, Nathan Zimmerman, Angel Chadwell, Alex Mumblow, Sarah Smail, David Keffer (chapter advisor), Kristen Dobrodziej, Martha McDow, Dustin Tremaine (chapter president)).

The Chemical Engineering Car Competition with their car, "Smokey's Last Ride".

Priming the fuel cell before the competition.

At the starting line.

The team finished fourth, qualifying for the National competition.

The team got ready for the Dodgeball Tournament.

Primed and ready to go.

The action was too fast for the camera. (We got spanked in the first round, by the eventual winner of the tournament, Clemson.)

Nathan and Dr. Keffer were ready for the banquet, wearing matching shoes.

Our Chem-E car team turn out to be sharp looking gents.

Then it was time for outdoor, night time Sumo wrestling. Dr. Keffer needed some help putting on the suit.

His opponent, Kristen.

The referee, Alex.

The lumbering giants clash.

Dr. Keffer got the worst of it.

It was only by threatening Kristen's grade in ChE 310 that he eventually brought Kristen to the ground.

For the next bout, Travis suited up.

His opponent, Dustin, chanted a Sumo song to get him in the right spirit.

They clashed.

And took out the referee.

There's something wrong with this.

Eventually, they were both down for the count.

For the third and final bout, Alex needed some help getting his suit on.

Nathan seemed to manage all right.

Look at that physique!

Alex is looking pretty good himself.

Dr. Keffer asks for a good, clean fight.

Take down!

Nathan taunts Alex, who is slow to get up.

At the end of the bout, Alex is a little worse for the wear.

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