University of Tennessee
Materials Science & Engineering Department

MSE Field Day
Knoxville, TN, April 20, 2024

The Materials Science & Engineering Department held a Field Day open to all members of the MSE community. Both undergraduate and graduate students, along with staff and faculty, attended. The event was hosted by our amazing MSE student ambassadors and their fearless leader, Jake Working, MSE professional advisor.

The day at the university rugby field began overcast and rainy.

After warming up with the soccer ball and frisbee, the sky cleared and we took the field. We divided into teams of eight, named Team B.S., composed of team mates that had (at least) earned a Bachelor's of Science degree, and TEAM LEOA (Less Educated On Average), composed of members of the MSE community still working toward their BS degree. This included several students who will graduate with their degree in May.

Andrew brought the MSE mascot, Tippett.

And now for the moment everyone has been waiting for: a few action photos. We start with Michael, who sized up the ball with a clinical eye.

We captured John in the famously effective "crane" pose.

Melanie's approach to the ball exudes confidence.

Kim adopted a nuanced technique to directing the ball into gaps in the defense.

Meredith threw caution to the wind in her headlong assualt on the kickball.

Here, Raymond shows off the classic "swing for the fences" stroke to good effect.

Emma demonstrates her hard-earned bowling acumen in delivering the pitch.

Matthew's kicking technique was superior to his launching himself into the bases, at least in part because he was able to stay on his feet.

Kaden had no equal in his numerous slides into every base on the field.

Nonchalant as ever, Bethany didn't break a sweat lofting the kickball.

Jake's kickball strategy was composed of equal parts offense and heckling.

Before folks started to drift off, we took a group photo.

Not soon after, Maddie arrived.

We took the field again to resume the competition.

One more group photo with those who stayed to the end. As to whether BS triumphed over LEOA, there was some ambiguity in the score-keeping and the true outcome remains a subject of controversy.

We all had a good time. Thanks to everyone who participated and who make the University of Tennessee Materials Science & Engineering Department a special community to call home.

More photos on the Keffer research group site.