University of Tennessee
Materials Science & Engineering Department

UTK MSE Community Lounge & Garden
Knoxville, TN, March 25, 2023

The Materials Science & Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee has recently acquired and renovated a new space on the fifth floor of Ferris Hall for the undegraduate lounge. A house-warming party for the lounge is scheduled for next week.

One of the items on the list of needs for the lounge was "potted plants". MSE faculty and staff took the request seriously. They installed shelves in three of the east-facing and north-facing window bays.

A visit to Stanley's Greenhouse in South Knoxville provided a variety of plants well-suited to an indoor garden. From this window, students have a nice view of the Tennessee River.

From this window, a view of downtown Knoxville and the Sunsphere in World's Fair Park.

From the north window, more of campus on a rainy Saturday morning.

A palm from the garden of Prof. Rawn complements an end table from the architectural studio of Prof. Keffer, ca. 2006.

It all makes for a cozy corner where MSE students can relax.

The house-warming party for the new MSE Lounge took the form of a potluck dinner and game-night. We had a good turn-out.

There was MarioKart & Super Smash Bros. action.

And a few table-top games as well.

Dr. Keffer was happy to see students settling comfortably alongside the botanical residents of the lounge.

MSE Senior, Chris Webb, has perhaps taken his love of bio-based materials engineered from renewable feedstocks to an extreme, but there is no denying his dedication!

More photos on the Keffer research group site.