University of Tennessee
Materials Science & Engineering Department

Prof. Rios in the Dunk Booth
at the Tickle College of Engineering Senior Celebration
Knoxville, TN, May 19, 2022

UT Materials Science & Engineering Prof. Orlando Rios challenged the members of his group to dunk him.

The first throw was by Dr. Dayton Kizzire, post-doctoral researcher in the group with twelve years of youth baseball experience. The very first pitch dunked Prof. Rios. Everything happened so fast, I was only able to get a wet Dr. Rios returning to his seat in the dunk pool.

After that, the proverbial flood gates opened. MSE doctoral student, Cotton Pekol, tried his arm...

Into the pool plunged Prof. Rios.

MSE doctoral student, Max Neveau, took aim with similar effect.

MSE doctoral student, Reece Emery was not one to let this opportunity go to waste.

At each miss, Prof. Rios seemed to have a never-ending supply of personalized taunts at the ready.

Graduating MSE senior, John Rayle stepped into his throw.

Prof. Rios gloated...

until back into the dunk tank he went.

Emma Rodgriguez of the MSE office decided to show her appreciation for Prof. Rios as well.

Post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Sky Jang, shows off her throwing arm.

During this time, Prof. Rios and his wet foam finger provided some advice on how to improve her laboratory experimental results.

Post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Hyojin Park was the only southpaw in the group.

I finally managed to capture Prof. Rios in free fall.

Ella Dubendorfer of the MSE office took a few moment away from making sno-cones for the seniors to toss a few balls Prof. Rios' way.

The Rios group cheered on Mairym Vazquez as she took her turn.

Dayton came back for a second throw. This time I knew to snap the photo quickly. As predicted, he dunked Prof. Rios on the first throw again!

The dedicated members of the research group...

and the equally dedicated advisor.

When it was all done, I found a trail of wet footprints leading down to the offices on the third floor of Ferris Hall.

Dr. Hyojin Park shared a video compilation!

More photos on the Keffer research group site.