University of Tennessee
Materials Science & Engineering Department

UT Materials Science & Engineering Departmental Kickball Tournament
Knoxville, TN, March 26, 2022

Faculty, students and friends of the MSE department gathered on a chilly Saturday morning in late March to play a couple friendly games of Kickball.

Colin Moore explained the terms of the competition to team captains, Melanie Moczadlo and Madeline Loveday.

Soon the teams took the field.

John "Leadfoot" Rayle had several long homeruns to his credit.

Jacob Furst also acquitted himself well on the field.

Ms. Kocak set the example that faculty were not to be underestimated. (Sadly, the other MSE faculty present proved less bold and were content simply to avoid injury!)

Madeline had thought she could get away with purely spectating, but she was quickly called into service.

John McElroy, friend of the department, showed off his unique kickball style.

Mr. Kocak was not going to take a backseat to anyone.

Jack Fredrick arrived with the game in progress and quickly leapt into action.

One more photo of a power shot from Madeline!

Apparently in kickball there is no penalty for excessive celebration when the teams that you have captained sweep the tournament.

Backrow from left to right: John Rayle, Jacob Furst, Ms. Kocak, Madeline Loveday, John McElroy, Jack Fredrick, Trent Deel. Middle row: Colin Moore and Melanie Moczadlo. Front row: Sarah Godfrey, who took many of these photos, convinced Dr. Keffer to take a knee with her and show off their guns. Thanks to all who participated! Thanks to Jake Working and the MSE ambassadors for arranging the tournament.

As we left a food delivery robot crashed full speed into the construction fence. On that note we called it a day. See you next year.

More photos on the Keffer research group site.