University of Tennessee
Computational Materials Research Group

Computational Materials Research Retreat at the Norris Shooting Range
Norris, TN, July 27, 2018

A group of computational materials researchers at the University of Tennessee spent a good portion of Friday developing critical team-building skills at the Shooting Range in Norris Dam State Park.

We began the day in the pistol range.

Valerie García-Negrón and Dayton Kizzire, doctoral students studying the transformation of lignin-based feed stocks into high-value carbon composites in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, shoot a .22 caliber revolver and pistol respectively.

Clifton Sluss, a doctoral student investigating the characterization of entropy at the atomic level in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, shot the .22 caliber pistol.

Dr. John Salasin, who recently defended his Ph.D. dissertation on a novel direct synthesis route for mayenite-based electrides in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, shot the .22 pistol.

Leo Zella, who studies the structure and dynamics of metallic glasses in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, shot the .22 pistol.

Eduardo Ponce, a multi-talented researcher who pursues his own PhD in Computer Science while collaborating with materials scientists on developing software to interpret total neutron scattering signals of complex composites, shot the .22 revolver.

Zachary Sims, who is developing industrially relevant aluminum-based alloys for high-efficiency engine applications in the Bredesen Center, shot the Smith & Wesson .38 revolver.

Monica Diaz, an engineering student at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez is working for the summer at an internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the UT MSE adjunct professor, Orlando Rios. (We considered this a recruiting event to convince Monica to think about graduate studies in the UT MSE department.)

Prof. Keffer also shot the Ruger .22 pistol.

John shot the Glock 9 mm pistol.

Valerie and the .38 revolver.

Monica and the Glock 9 mm.

Valerie & Eduardo.

After the pistol range, we walked over to the rifle range.

We had brought a couple .22 rifles.

Because the shooters can't see where they have struck the target at this distance, Valerie sat at the spotting scope, correcting their next shots.

Zach (and others) took a turn at the spotting scope.

Eduardo & Leo take turns with .22 rifles.

Monica spotted for Valerie.

We also shot playing cards. The future of materials research is in good hands!

Age hasn't completely robbed Prof. Keffer of all skill. He was able to put five out five shots into the five of diamonds with the bolt action .22 rifle at fifty yards.