University of Tennessee
Department of Materials Science & Engineering


A Proper Winter in Knoxville
February 13, 2014

These photographs are for Prof. Joe Spruiell,
colleague and friend, who was in my thoughts as I wandered through these woods.

Snow fell. Schools closed. In the morning, I got on the bike and went out to check it out.

I biked out to the Ijams quarries.

The trees bent over with the weight of the snow.

I visited the Ross Marble Quarry first.

I followed the path down into the quarry.

There were no footprints in the snow at the bottom of the quarry.

Views from the bottom of the quarry.

A few flurries continued to fall.

Then I got back on the trail.

View of the canopy from below.

I went down into Hayworth Hollow.

Huge cubes of stone are littered across the pit.

A snow covered cubic rock.

Hayworth Hollow.

A suggestion of railroad tracks.

Third quarry, Mead's Quarry is filled with water.

Views of the lake.

Another view.

Back home, the view down the tree-lined Island Home Boulevard.