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Molecular Simulation Structures
of Polymers

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Prof. David J. Keffer
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
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These animations and interactive structures are created from various molecular dynamics simulations and quantum calculations.   The JavaScript code JSMol is used to view and interact with these structures. Older browsers are directed to an archival version of the site, using the Chime plug-in. In 2014, Eleanor Leffler at the University of Tennessee updated these pages from Chime to JSMol. In order to view the movie files (in avi format), you will require the following codec: TSCC codec. This work has been supported by DOE BES, AFOSR, NSF, ACS PRF & ORAU HPC.
hydrated perfluorinated sulfonic acid proton exchange membranes (e.g. Nafion)
physics of polyethylene under flow
polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
polyethylene glycol (PEG)
crosslinked and sulfonated polycyclohexadiene (xsPCHD)
perfluorinated polyether lubricants
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